IGTx & IGRx Series

  • For use in up to 690VAC system for earth current detection
  • For both isolated and grounded systems
  • For land, marine and offshore installations
  • For use with Megacon's KPM162x, KPM362x, KCM162x, KCM362x, KCM363x, KRM162x and ISOPAK series 
series are used as sensor to detect earth leakage current in Megacon Earth Fault Systems for selective monitoring and protection.

The transformers measuring accuracy and repeatability is high and is not influenced by the relative position of the individual conductor passing through the transformer core.
Nominal measuring range is 40 to 70Hz. Maximum ambient temperature +70 °C. 
The lower earth current sensitivity limit is in the region of 3 to 5 mA for the IGTx series and 5-10mA for the IGRx series.
The recommended maximum distance between a residual current transformer and the Earth Current Monitoring Unit is generally 50meters. If the distance exceeds 3meters, or the connecting cable is exposed to heavy stray electromagnetic fields, the cable (minimum 1mm²) should be shielded. The shield  should be grounded to protective earth (PE) only at the end closest to the monitoring unit.

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